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One of Europe’s first and most experienced laser eye surgeons, Prof. Dr. Barış Sönmez in Nisantasi Eye Center

You are in safe hands of Prof. Dr. Barış Sönmez, with the 23 years of professional experience and personalised laser treatments, Prof. Dr. Barış Sönmez is the most experienced Cornea Surgeon and Laser Eye Surgeon in Europe, who has treated more than 10.000 operations with 23 years of experience in only Laser eye sur-gery since 1999.

Clearly better without Glasses
Release Your Eyes

At Nisantasi Eye Center with methods such as LASIK, iLASIK, LASEK, PRK, Transepithelial-PRK (NO TOUCH), WAVEFRONT and FemtoSecond Laser-SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction):

  1. Presbyopia – Reading Vision Correction (ageing of the eyes), Smart Laser Eye Surgery treatments that can eliminate the need for reading glasses
  2. Smart Laser Eye Surgery treatments that can eliminate Hyperopia, Myopia, Astigmatism visual defects
  3. Sensitive Patient Program – Laser Eye Surgery treatments for patients using very high prescriptions.
  4. Lens Replacement – Smart Lens surgeries are performed especially for Cataract patients.

Prof. Dr. Barış Sönmez, who has supported and developed treatment methods with hundreds of researches in his 23 years of professional life, aims to; consistently help patients get rid of their glasses and contact lenses with world-class results.

More than 10.000 visually impaired patients that Prof. Dr. Barış Sönmez has treated so far, continue their lives without glasses, seeing much better.


Our dedicated team consisting of the most experienced surgeons, nurses, researchers, patient care coordinators and clinical coordinators in the field of Laser Eye Surgery has been chosen for their commitment to excellent clinical care and customer service.

Known in the medical world for their expertise, our surgeons use the most advanced technologies of ophthalmology.


We are committed to full attention to details and to excellent results backed by research and independent reviews. For this purpose, we adopt uniquely tailored treatment methods.

We are not interested in treating as many patients as possi-ble. Our priority; To ensure that our patients who deserve the best treatment, including patients in complex or unusual situations, can see without glasses.


We present our Laser Eye Surgery costs to our customers clearly and transparently. There are no hidden costs in La-ser Eye Surgery fees. Perfection is our only goal in every treatment method we offer you and we never compromise on quality.

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1- The clearest proof of the skill of any laser eye surgeon is his experience and results. You should entrust your eyes to the most experienced surgeon. That’s why we work with Eu-rope’s most experienced and famous Eye Surgeons. Click to get information about our doctors …

2-You should definitely have your laser eye surgery performed in a hospital and operating room built according to world standards. Nisantasi Hospital Eye Center provides this for you. Click to get information about our technology…

3-A careful screening and examination is very important. You can be sure that the eye examinations and scans we will do for you will be the most comprehensive eye exam ever per-formed.

4- Accurate diagnosis and treatment is very important. We successfully treated thousands of patients who visited other clinics and were said to be unsuitable for laser eye surgery. Click for detailed information about our eye treatments …

5-We contributed to the excellent development of Excelsius M7 Excimer Laser, which is developed with the latest tech-nology in laser eye treatments. The 3rd generation Excimer laser technology Excelsius M7, which enables us to safely treat patients that other eye clinics cannot treat, is only and for the first time at Nisantasi Eye Center.

6- Nisantasi Hospital Eye Center Physician Prof. Dr. Barış Sönmez is a Member of the Cornea Society and International Society of Refractive Surgery. Prof. Dr. Barış Sönmez is one of the most recognised and respected surgeons in Europe. Prof. Dr. Barış Sönmez has been performing Laser Surgery since 2003. He is one of Turkey’s and Europe’s first and most experienced laser eye surgeons.

7- u can say goodbye to your reading glasses. We offer you the Presbyopia Smart Laser Eye Treatment that removes the effects of ageing eyes and allow you to read without us-ing reading glasses. If you have had cataract surgery and you are still using reading glasses, Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment is the only way to get rid of your reading glasses. Click here to get information about Presbyopia Smart Laser Treatment …

8- Our trained and experienced expert staff is at your service. Our laser eye surgeons are cornea specialists with experi-ence in all areas of laser eye surgery. The evaluation of your eye examinations is carried out meticulously by the most equipped and experienced surgeons. Our laser eye surgeons offer you the best possible results using the latest technology. Click here to read the comments written by our laser eye surgeons of our patients who have successfully treated them after the surgery.

9- Excelsius Excimer laser M7 and FemtoSecond laser, devel-oped using the latest technologies, are only and for the first time at Nisantasi Eye Center. Developed using the world’s latest laser technologies, Excelsius M7 series Excimer laser also has the world’s most advanced “Eye Tracking” technol-ogy. Thus, it is the first and only Excimer laser that can ap-ply laser at the closest distance (2cm) to the eye with zero error. Lexacor FentoSecond laser developed by Excelsius can treat patients with myopic vision defects with the SMILE method, which turns eye surgery into a “keyhole” procedure.

10- Nisantasi Eye Center offers the commitment to provide the highest possible standard of care with personalised treat-ment services, and performs eye surgeries with a carefully selected team. Click to get information about high prescrip-tions correction.

Best Solution for Ageing Eyes

Everyone’s close and reading vision ability deteriorates after the age of 40 or 45. In Nisantasi Eye Center, we developed the revolutionary PRESBYOPIA Smart Laser treatment to correct your near vision defect.

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Yakın Görme ve Okuma sorunu olanlar için en kolay çözüm AKILLI LAZER

Herkesin yakın görme ve okuma kabiliyeti 40 veya 45 yaşından sonra yaşlandıkça kötüleşir. Nişantaşı Hastanesi Göz Merkezi’nde, Yakın görme kusurunuzu düzeltmek için devrim niteliğinde PRESBİYOPİ Akıllı Lazer tedavisini geliştirdik.


Sensitive Patient Program

We have special Laser treatment programs for our patients with very high prescriptions
Laser Eye treatments or Lens Replacements available for our patients who has high-prescriptions

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Hassas Profilli Hasta Programı

Yüksek numaralı gözlük kullanan hastalarımız için Lazer Göz Tedavileri veya Akıllı Lens uygulaması ile çok yüksek numaralı görme kusuru olan hastalarımıza yönelik özel tedavi programları uygulamaktayız.