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About Us

Nisantasi Hospital belongs to one of Turkey’s well-established Holding company which is a subsidiary of the Orta Doğu Holding.

Nisantasi Hospital Eye Center founded by MCD Technology Investment and Orbita managed by Dr.Okay Kumral’s as a Chief Physician.

, Hakkımızda

At Nişantaşı Hospital:

  • Laser Eye Surgery Services,
  • Emergency Service,
  • Anaesthesia and Reanimation,
  • Nutrition and Dietetics,
  • Internal medicine,
  • General Surgery,
  • Obesity and Metabolic Surgery,
  • Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics,
  • Child Health and Diseases,
  • Orthopaedics,
  • Ear Nose Throat,
  • Dermatology and Cosmetology,
  • Chest Diseases
  • Urology
  • Cardiology

Health services are provided in branches. In Nişantaşı Hospital, which has the title of ‘Baby Friendly Hospital’, 23 suites, 4 normal rooms, 10 incubators for newborn intensive care units, 5 beds for adult intensive care units, 1 laser eye surgery room, 3 operating rooms, delivery room, radiology, laboratory and pharmacy units. is located. Nişantaşı Hospital offers healthcare services at international standards to all segments of the society with its leading physicians, nurses and all healthcare professionals, with a service understanding based on trust and ethical values.

Quality and patient safety are among the most important issues in the services provided in health institutions. Since its establishment, our hospital has been implementing continuous quality improvement programs in order to provide medical care at international standards. It works in line with the Joint Commission International Accreditation Quality management system with its innovations and the health service it offers. Nişantaşı Hospital; It works to provide this service to its patients under the most appropriate conditions by providing international standards in many areas such as patient safety, infection control and prevention, patient care, patient evaluation, risk management, staff training, information management, facility security.

In Nişantaşı Hospital Eye Center, our screening and examination process is done longer and more comprehensively. We think that the examinations performed for Laser Eye Surgery are one of the most comprehensive evaluations. This is because we take our job very seriously and are 100% committed to it. Because we know it is necessary to carry out a wide variety of scans, measurements and tests over the extraordinary complexity of our eyes and different degrees of eye conditions.

All of these inevitably mean that there are much more tests and controls than a standard eye scan. So is this worth the extra cost?

Absolutely. The evaluation process is one of the most important parts of Laser Eye Surgery. The higher the level of safety, depth and accuracy of clinical tests, the lower the probability of complications and the higher the standard of results.

At Nişantaşı Hospital Eye Center, we have the most experienced and well-known laser eye surgeons equipped with the most advanced laser technology available. These two most important must-haves guarantee you that your precious eyes are in safe hands.

Nişantaşı Hospital Eye Department Chief Physician Message

“When looking for a good Laser Eye Clinic, you may have a hard time choosing among surgeons. Many Laser Eye Clinics can show 90-95% or even 98% success rate in distance vision treatment. As a result of my 30 years of experience in Laser Eye Surgery in my professional life, I aimed to reach 100% success rate for 20/20 vision.

When we combined this success in Laser Eye Surgery with a lifetime treatment guarantee, I witnessed that our patients feel tremendous confidence and peace because they chose us.

How is a 100% success rate possible? Contrary to what many patients believe, only 20% of the surgery is the merit of the Excimer Laser, and the success of the remaining procedures depends on the surgeon’s hands. There are about 150 procedures that I have to do for every eye surgery I work on, and I can say that each of these procedures affects the vision of my patients in a good way.

I designed the Smart Laser treatment, which I developed especially to treat Presbyopic patients, by developing the Excelsius Excimer Laser device together with the manufacturer. For many years, many improvements were made until we perfected the Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment on the Excimer Laser device.

We are 100% successful in the treatment of Presbyopia, Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism, and witnessing the happiness on the faces of tens of thousands of patients immediately after the operation is the first person they see clearly after the operation. “

Op. Dr. Oktay Kumral

Eye Surgeon

Chief Physician