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Burak Özyiğit

“I have been using reading glasses for 6 years since the age of 42. Reading glasses went up to number 2. My eye disorder was so advanced that I could not even see inside my car without glasses and read anything while driving. I also had a little bit of astigmatism. I have researched LASIK or Presbyopia Lasik surgery a lot, but all the doctors I went, they told me that they could not perform LASIK surgery and I should use Smart Lens (cataract surgery). I did not want to have cataract surgery at this young age and after my research I learned that there may be a lot of side effects related to Cataract surgery, I decided not to have Smart Lens (Cataract) surgery. In June 2019, I met with Dr.Oktay Kumral and he suggested me Presbyopia LASIK surgery and I learned that He was the one of the most experienced laser eye surgeon in Europe. He gave me very detailed technical information. After I learned that the Excimer Laser equipment used by Dr.Oktay Kumral is the state of the art technology. Finally I decided to have Laser surgery. Dr.Oktay Kumral did my Laser Surgery for both eyes in just 15 minutes, and I started to read and see without glasses right after the operation! It also reset my Astigmatism at the same time. I did not experience to much pain, aches or problems during and after the surgery. It was truly an amazing experience for me. Now I can read everything without glasses and now my quality of life is the same as before. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you, Dr.Oktay Kumral, I am very grateful to you. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Dr.Kumral”