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Ercan Vuranlar

“I, who declared himself a journalist both from school and as a sarcastic after stepping into a newspaper like Hurriyet at the age of 14, did not think I would wear glasses in my life.

However, as the years passed, the eyes got tired, especially when the computer came out. Finally, 22 years ago I started using reading glasses and 10 years ago using distant glasses. I couldn’t stop and started publishing newspapers in Bodrum, where I settled in because I was going to retire. I started to lose, especially when I took off one of my glasses and put on the other at night when I went out to take pictures. The pocket began to hurt when the value of the glasses I started used quite high numbers. Finally, I met Dr.Oktay Kumral and I also needed Laser surgery. Finally I did my Presbyopia Lasik Surgery. We photographed the entire stage of my Laser Eye surgery. Now 3 months have passed. I think it will be even better. A life without glasses is really good… “