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PRESBYOPIA Smart Laser Treatment

Presbyopia meaning is ‘old eye’ and caused near vision (reading vision) loss. It is an eye condition that affects the majority of the population as they enter their 40s. As the natural lens of the eye begins to harden with age, the level of flexibility of the eye decreases, making it more difficult to read close and annoying for your daily habits and comfort, such as reading books, magazines, newspapers and your mobile phone.

Since we cannot prevent ageing after the age of 40, no one is immune to presbyopia, and if not controlled, it inevitably leads to the need for glasses, bifocal or varifocal reading. Although near vision defects are generally tried to be avoided with near glasses, wearing glasses makes you look older and you need glasses that you should always carry with you.

Smart Laser not only corrects Presbyopia; It is a long-term and very effective solution designed to correct other refractive defects such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia and astigmatism.

Millions of people around the world have undergone Laser Eye Surgery since 1987. Laser Eye Surgery is one of the most accurate and popular treatment for the correction of vision defects and the most common form of this surgery is LASIK.

Presbyopia Smart Laser Treatment is an innovative treatment developed in Nisantasi Eye Center for ageing eyes.

Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment, pioneered and developed with Excelsius Medical, eliminates the need for eyeglasses, bifocal or variable focus reading for many years.

You may have heard that LASIK Eye Surgery cannot cure near vision defects. It is widely said that Presbyopia can only be corrected by cataract surgery with a “Smart Lens” or Multi-Focal lens placed inside the eye. This information is no longer valid.

PRESBYOPIA Smart Laser treatment seems to have great advantages over intraocular lens implants (IOLs). First, it’s a procedure with less surgical (and therefore, safer) procedure. Second, it does not require compromising vision quality with IOLs (here multifocal IOLs can affect vision quality). Third, it is very accurate and can be adjusted as the eye ages.

Moreover, it is suitable for about 98% of ageing eyes. Even if you have had Cataract Surgery and you are still seeing near with reading glasses, the only way to get rid of the glasses is Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment.

Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment has been adopted by Excelsius Medical and has been programmed into Medical Excimer lasers produced and designed with the latest technology. Many laser eye surgery clinics all over world who does not have this technology, offers multifocal lens and cataract (smart lens) surgery for ageing eyes. Nisantasi Eye Center is proud to offer Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment for the majority of Presbyopia patients.


Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment advantages

Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment adjusts both eyes can see both near and far. The brain compensates for this change almost instantly, combining the two images with a much wider depth of view and visual acuity. This means that the patient can now get rid of those annoying reading glasses.

With the Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment, more than 98% of vision patients can read normal newspaper and mobile phone screens with factory default fonts size.

Forget about your year-round expenses for your eye lenses, the cost of glasses and more importantly, losing your glasses and lenses!

Don’t you want to get rid of all the hassle and costs associated with your glasses and lenses? Aren’t you tired of living with your glasses or lenses?

Imagine how nice it would be to dive, ski, jog, bike and exercise freely at the bottom of the sea without any of these!