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First-class state of the art Laser Eye Surgery technology

The needs of each of our patients determine the way we use our Laser Eye Surgery technology.

Two eyes are not exactly the same, so our first task is to make sure we understand the finest details of your eyes. An important part of this process is to use the best possible technology at our disposal.

, Our TechnologyWe would like to state that we have a state of the art technological infrastructure to provide you with world-class Laser Eye surgery. In addition, based on years of experience, detailed research and our comprehensive screening process, we create individual eye treatment plans precisely tailored to each of your eyes.

Our laser eye surgeons are trained with the latest technology as well as being instrumental in the design of the latest technology.

4th generation laser technologies are used in Nişantaşı Hospital Eye Center.

At the same time, 2022 model Excelsius M7-H series Excimer Laser, the most advanced robotic “EYE TRACKER” technology is successfully used on Excelsius M7-H series Excimer Laser. Thus, it is one of the most advanced 4th generation Excimer Lasers that can perform the laser application from the closest distance (6cm) to the eye with Zero Error, to the most sensitive areas and coordinates on the eye with “0” zero error.

NASA requires that astronaut candidates who will take part in space programs have LASIK with Excimer Laser in order to ensure that their visual abilities are in accordance with NASA’s qualifications. When you consider the challenges and precision of space travel, you can understand why NASA preferred LASIK for its astronauts.


Excelsius – FemtoSecond FEMTOM ONE  Laser

Among the 4th generation FemtoSecond Lasers, Excelsius Femtosecond FEMTOM ONE Laser is open to many applications. In its basic configuration, it includes LASIK Flaps, Cornea Pockets and Tunnelling operations. Optionally used for refractive lenticule extraction and cataract surgery. Manufactured using the latest laser technologies, the 2022 model FemtoSecond Lexacore Laser is the only state-of-the-art Femtosecond Laser in the world that can perform both portable feature and Small Incision Lenticule Extraction – SMILE Laser surgery at the same time. In this way, the laser can be easily moved and positioned to the clinic or the patient’s bed closest to the patient’s bed.

M7-H Excimer Laser, only hospital in Turkey Nisantasi is located in the Eye Center.